Exploring British Columbia w Baby & B!

Our first family trip was amazing – Arlo flew like a champ, he slept and played on the 5 hour plane ride there and back.  I had my reservations about travelling with a little one but parents… You can do it!!!  

What better time to explore then on maternity leave.

We will be covering our top highlights of the trip, must see’s and of course where to eat… Cause you know I like to eat 😂.

Day 1 Van City

Arlo and I explored Vancouver city, we drove through Stanley park (the rain kept us indoors).  *Always keep umbrella within close proximity when in B.C.  It took approximately 20-25 minutes to drive through the park with views of the sea wall, totem poles, and beautiful lush greenery.

Our favourite spot in Stanley Park was the Prospect Lookout Point.  Mama got a bit emotional here, such a beautiful thing to be able to show my son the world.

After Stanley park we drove down to explore Gas Town approximately 15 minutes away.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Tacofina – we had the fish tacos, service was fast and the meal was delicious.  From here we explored the boutiques, got some awesome hand made chocolate from East Van Roasters.  

We capped off our night with dinner at Miku off Granville St.  Highly recommend if your a sushi lover.  This was by far some of the best sushi B and I have tried thus far.

Sushi rolls at Miku
Dessert platter with green tea mouse cake.

Day 2 Called for some adventure…

We started our afternoon at the Capliano suspension bridge in North Vancouver.  If you are afraid of heights I wouldn’t recommend it.  It was $40 per adult and opened from 11-9. It was a beautiful experience that could take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on how many trails you want to explore.  Babies are free and able to explore as long as they are in a baby carrier.  I will let the images speak for itself.  

The pond in the forest was so majestic
One of my favorite images of Baby & B
Didn’t realize I was afraid of heights until we stood in the middle of the bridge!

Next stop Shannon Falls – free admission and was an easy stop over on our drive over to Whistler.  It only took 5 minutes to get to the falls from the parking lot.  Pictures don’t do it justice.

Arlo & mommy taking in the beautiful scenery

My highlight of the trip was taking in the scenic drive and mountain views from Vancouver to Whistler.  The drive was approximately 2 hours. 

I love you Ontario but how can we move these mountains here?!

Whistler, time for some rest & relaxation.

We stayed at the Four Seasons and were upgraded to a suite which was so nice after our long drive.  They surprised us with a beautiful dessert & goodies for Arlo.  Service was superior and our room was beautiful with a view of the mountain s.  We also enjoyed an afternoon of complimentary wine tasting at their restaurant Sidecut.

B & I enjoyed the heated pool & Hot Tub while baby Arlo slept bundled in his stroller
Important conversations were taking place with Baby & B here in our suite
Four Seasons Resort Whistler
Taking in the Olympic Rings in Whistler Village
Peaked Pie – Whistler Village an absolute must!

Peaked Pies – One of our fav meals on the trip, an assortment of meat pies topped with mashed potatoes, mushed green peas and gravy.  $20.00 for dinner and we were in pie heaven.  The chicken, and steak pies were delicious.

Mama was able to get an hour to herself – The resort offered a much appreciated Yoga class taught onsite, the instructor was great and worked with everyone’s different skill sets.  

B took part in one of his most memorable runs of the year around Lost lake.

Such an amazing view 😍

All in all we had an amazing first family vacation filled with exploring, great eats, and some well needed rest & relaxation.  Traveling as a family of 3 has a whole new meaning, we planned and loved every single bit of it.  

Happy family travels from my love nest to yours,


Bana-zuch-oat Muffins!

We are crazy for Banana Zuchini oatmeal muffins!  

Looking for sneaky ways to get your greens in?  Look no further these are delicious and Baby Arlo approves.

Mama size on the left – Minis on the right!

We always have brown frozen bananas in the freezer in our household… Why do they ripen so damn fast!!?

Click Here for recipe!

*The only alteration I made was adding 1/2 cup of oats and only 1 cup flour.  

*Also no chocolate chips in baby Arlo’s muffins

Get baking Bakers 😉

Xo Arlo’s Mama

The past 8 months off…

We have hit a huge milestone.

Baby Arlo and I have been on maternity leave for 8 months!

I have learned the most about myself during this beautiful experience of growth and can’t wait to enjoy the rest of my time off with baby Arlo… Only 4 months left boo!

Family, Yoga, Reading and the need for organization have been my top priority.

I have spent so much time with B, our parents, siblings, friends and extended family, these memories that we have created will last a lifetime and I can only look forward to new ones.  During such a life changing moment it’s beautiful to take a minute to recognize your true friends and family that will always have yo back, no matter what.

Yoga & Reading time = mommy time.  I have never been so routine in my life.  The need for  health, fitness and relaxation has never been more important.  This keeps me sane and allows me to be a better mother, partner and CEO of this household.  I have been on a binge of reading and am so thankful that I am able to make time for it.  Adventure, cheesy love stories to now thrillers, I am on a roll!  Whatever it is that you do for you… Keep it up, you deserve it!

Organization has been monumental to keep this household, baby bag, and busy schedules all in check.  We are always making lists, planning ahead and trying to keep on top of our schedules.  I get excited about planning, packing, and organizing everything in our lives.  I only hope to get better as we go along.

However it is that you have spent your last year, reflect and be thankful for all experiences and memories.

Thats it thats all!!! Thanks for listening to my rant.

Our own kind of trail… Mought #6

So we are all about trying to eat a well balanced diet.  B and I are big time snackers!  I would rather snack all day then eat a big breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • One thing that we have been snacking on lately is our own trail mix!  Sounds lame, but I promise it’s way better then buying premixed bags.  Main reason why we do this is also because of B’s allergy to peanuts.
We make one big batch and then portion them off into smaller snack size containers

I don’t measure anything ever.. So here’s the recipe:



Banana chips

Chocolate chips

Sliced apricots

Salted soy beans (acts like a peanut replacement)

Coconut chips

And whatever else floats your boat!

We change our recipe weekly by continuing to add new fun flavours!  Enjoy 😊

When life gives you broken Kinder Surprises… 

Baby Arlo and I were getting a little stir crazy on a rainy day at home so we decided to get baking… He is a Baker after all!

I’m hoping that if I show him that cooking and baking is easy he’ll eventually want to do it on his own and take interest within the kitchen.

My Sous chef in the kitchen

We also bought massive kinder surprise eggs to give to the nephews however one rolled away and broke 💔.  Hence the inspiration to this recipe!

Basic Brownie Recipe
Add broken pieces of kinder egg chocolate

Add 1 cup crushed walnuts

Bake for 22 minutes at 350 and viola!  By far the yummiest brownies I’ve made to date and they were effortless.  Also I skipped out on the frosting didn’t want to make them too sweet.

Kinder Walnut Brownies!

Also for added fun we cut them into mini bites, made us feel less guilty for eating them 💁🏼

From my sweet kitchen to yours,

Samantha & Arlo 

1st “Mought” of 2017, Thank YO self!

I hope you are all well rested after the craze of the holiday season, it always feels good to get your life and house back in order.

We are starting this year strong, and continuing to do everything we did in 2016.
No resolutions just friendly reminders of areas we want to improve upon.

I came home from a late night kick ass yoga session, the second one of the day.  I am feeling strong not only physically but mentally!  Here’s why…
I thanked myself for the things that I do, and I reminded myself that I am enough.

When was the last time you thanked yourself, or told yourself you are ENOUGH?

My fav yogi instructor asked us to finish our practice by thanking ourself for the things that we do.

Often times we get caught up with life.  We do ugly things like overthink or compare, they are all negative things that do not serve us.  We may think of things that are out of our control and we may question our abilities to be a good partner, mother, daughter, sister, heck maybe even a good dog owner.  My point is we need to take moments and thank ourselves for the things we do.

So I did just that, and I instantly felt overwhelmed with gratitude, lightness and happiness.  (I even teared up I’m such a loser!)

With a clear head, and heart full of love,

Seriously go THANK YO SELF!

Screw your wish list… What’s on your GIVE list. Mought #4

Tis the season to be jolly, and giving.  This year challenge yourself on different ways you can give back within your community and to causes that may be near and dear to your heart.

It’s so easy to get caught up within the commercialization of Christmas and all the pretty and shiny things that we WANT.  How about we try and share what we have with those whom are in NEED.

Our household has 4 ways that we have given back but are still trying to find ways to give back our time.  Any suggestions?

The 4 ways we have tried to give back

1. We donated to the Ontario society for the prevention of cruelty to animals.  They were selling these great advent calendars that Aggie our adopted mini bull terrier absolutely loves.

2. The Mississauga food bank collects from our community at thanksgiving and Christmas.  We loaded up our bag with pershiable items and baby food cereals.  We are so blessed to have meals everyday, it’s the easiest way to give back.

3.  The shoe box project collects snacks, toiletries, warm scarves or accessories to give to Women in need.  It lets them know that they are valuable and not alone.  We were able to be apart of this and inspired by my Yoga studio.  Namaste 🙏🏻

4.  Sick kids hospital is always in need of donations annually.  Having Arlo this year in good healthy really put things into perspective for me.  So I am hoping our charity will go to those children and families whom are ill or receiving treatment.

Thanks for listening to my rant – Give little or give big this year… Just GIVE ❤️


Things that feel like Christmas… Mought #3

This weekend we decked out the house in its best holiday gear, lights, tree & all.  The balsam fir is up, the house smells like Christmas already!  

B & I decorated the tree together after we put Arlo to bed, it was the perfect Friday night.  Cheesy obligatory holiday music filled the house.  We made ourselves a cheese board and had some wine.  It was perfect!

The most special ornament we received last year.

Saturday was spent Christmas shopping.. Almost done our list, thank goodness.

Fast forward to Sunday, B was out doing some yard work (that never ends) while Arlo & momma made chicken noodle soup, loaded with fresh vegetables and homemade broth.  Nothing feels better then having a warm bowl of soup after powering through laundry, yard work.. Chores you know, “adulting”.

Sunday football was playing in the background while B & Arlo played together in the family room… And I wanted cookies!  So I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – and I substituted the chocolate chips with mint m&m’s. 

Chocolate chip oatmeal goodness!!

Who needs a cookie jar when you have mason jars (they feel like Christmas too, not sure why lol).

Betty Crocker cookie recipe

This Christmas is special, I haven’t been this excited for the holidays in a very long time and it’s all thanks to my beautiful Son, Arlo. 

Happy 1st weekend of December y’all


B’s Birthday Brunch! Mought #2

This weekend called for a Birthday Brunch!
We surprised daddy with a morning acupuncture session to get him out of the house (he’s always wanted to try it, I swear it wasn’t for torture).  He loved it.

Our handsome birthday boy and his surprise brunch.

He came back to a house full of love accompanied by cinnamon buns, turkey asparagus egg bites, and mimosas to wash it all down!  My strategy was to have everything cook in the oven as we all know #momlife is all about multitasking.

Baby Arlo wanted a piece of that chocolate cake!

I made B’s chocolate cake the night before and allowed it to set in the fridge – One bowl chocolate cake recipe  For extra flavour I added 1 tablespoon of instant coffee.  Finished with Cream cheese frosting and added 1/2 a cup of cocoa to it for a sweet chocolate taste.  The blue cake stand was purchased from home sense only  $7.99!!

Brunch was a nice way to celebrate it worked really well the kids naps/schedules.
We were so lucky to also have a parents night out for dinner 🍷as well.

Hope we can inspire you to try celebrating differently for your next birthday!

Cheers from our love nest to your,

The Grocery haul challenge!

We are by nature creatures of habit…
At least I catch myself getting caught in the same habits and routines.  

BREAK IT!  Well not everything but I challenge you to try shopping at a different grocery store.  I absolutely love food shopping and exploring new grocery stores, it brings great inspiration and different flavours into the kitchen.
This past weekend we took the plunge and shopped at “Goodness Me”.  They specialize in natural and organic groceries, supplements and local products.

Baby & B overwhelmed with the granola and oatmeal assortment.

I personally am not one to dabble in organic foods, but I was thoroughly impressed with the variety of pantry items they offered.

Our Grocery Haul…

Spent $103.00 to be exact, not much value as organic does cost more 💸.
We still went to our usual place for meat, dairy and produce.

With each grocery challenge I will be showcasing our top 3 fav finds.
Drumroll please…

Number 1 – Rise Kombucha juice hibiscus & rose hip.  Fermented black tea mixed with different sugars and fruit, helps with cleansing and supports immune systems.

Number 2 – Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot, tastes disgusting but gives you a tingling sense in your gut.  This boosts your probiotics intake leading to a healthier gut.

Number 3 – Lavender essential oil 30ml for $16.00.  Best bang for your buck.  We use this often in our Saje diffuser.  10ml of the same product a Saje costs $18.95.  Win of the day!

That’s it that’s all folks, Hope I was able to inspire you to try something new.
Share with me your grocery hauls!

Happy shopping & exploring,